Survivors dying on hooks should not destroy a hook.

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It creates situations like this.

I had 2 hooks in the middle, both were destroyed, the way the hooks spawned caused it to not be possible for me to pick her up and hook and she wiggled.

So now we both get to sit here for 4 minutes while she bleeds out because i could not physically hook her despite winning the game. This is not fun for anyone.

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  • WeenieDog
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    I guess they can look at it when that 3 gen plan comes by

  • Reinami
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    The problem is, this only matters in this situation. Where the game is already over. Its not like its destroyed everytime you hook someone, and the mechanic exists for that purpose. By the time you end up in this situation, the game is already over. It is extremely extremely rare where it happens mid match in a way where it is beneficial to the survivor as a "strategy"

  • sizzlingmario4
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    I agree. I don't know why this is still in the game. It serves no good purpose.

    While you can sometimes avoid it by managing which hooks you use for sacrifice, you don't always have that option especially if someone goes down in a corner of the map, in those cases sometimes you only have 1 hook close enough and if it's destroyed then you just can't do anything.

    I get that it doesn't happen very often and overall isn't a big deal for that reason, but when it does happen it is extremely frustrating to be forced to wait for a bleedout.

  • Hensen2100
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    Lol, yeah except that there's tons of maps where an entire area has 1 hook. And then SWFs know that and will run to that area when they are gonna go down, even when the game is over to waste 4 minutes of your time. This "Just manage your hooks" argument is kind of a joke tbh

  • coco_shotz
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    Yeah I can't say I have seen a lot of this scenario but the only solution I can come up with to avoid it is spacing out the hooks the same way you should space out gens

  • animalz606
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    She put herself into that situation by running there to be fair. You're doing the right thing by just letting her bleed out. Is it scummy? No not really, you're doing what you can to get the last kill. Will the survivor think you are "toxic"? Maybe. Let em think that. Like I said, they did that to themselves. Keeping hooks like basement does after a sacrifice would completely screw over core mechanics of the game.

  • jokere98
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    yet we're getting "anti 3-gen" soon... so, when "anti hook-breaking"?

  • WilliamSN
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    Yeah, Hook count needs to be increased a bit.

    When you take into consideration that maps only spawn between 8-13 hooks , and half of them will be essentially non-existant due to the way the game functions, for example, if side A of suffo pit has all gens done, all hooks on side A are also essentially gone since the killer has no reason to go there it results in the killer realistically only having 3-4 hooks that get used for the entire game.

    once those are gone its unreasonably difficult to get hooks on the side of the map where all the gens are.

  • Kaitsja
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    I disagree. I think hook spawns should be addressed before we think about removing the hook break feature. Haddonfield in particular has some pretty weird hook spawns where survivors can be hooked within 8m of each other.

    Maybe it's time to give up on the whole RNG aspect of hook spawns.

  • Zraith
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    sounds good, but now only the basement hooks are in the game, the rest is removed from the maps. Happy?

  • coco_shotz
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    Can you say the same for 3 gen tho? Its commonly stated that it's on the survivors if they allow the gens to pop too close together and be stuck in a 3 gen which is basically punishment for doing the objectives but it can't be on the killer to manage where they hook the survivors? I agree that the OP's situation is unfair but it's not common enough to warrant blindly throwing hooks around without consideration for placements after someone dies

  • Sava18
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    I mean it really doesn't have a place in the game. 3 genning has some level of merit and it's getting addressed, hooks disapearing is rare and typically somewhat out of the control of the killer/a waste of time for a game that's already over.

  • FFirebrandd
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    This seems like another good reason to make yellow Mori basekit.

  • LordGlint
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    That would be cool. I don't run moris much at all, so I don't tend to see the animation often.

  • akaTheBARON
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    I honestly wish a survivor unhooking themselves wasn't even a thing under normal circumstances with the exceptions of:

    -Having Deliverance, Slippery Meat, or any perk in the future that may relate to unhooking yourself

    -Unhooking yourself from the anticamping mechanic.

    -You're first phase of hook, and all other survivors are down.

    The self unhook mechanic really doesn't do anything else outside of those situations than allow a survivor to DC without getting a DC penalty and not being replaced with even a bot.

    It would make any luck offerings even more obsolete than they already are I suppose. And a survivor can still throw the game but I know some killers out there are doing god's work and choose to slug/bleedout a survivor clearly throwing a match (not all heros wear capes LOL).

    They'll never consider changing this, and it's not a HUGE deal, but that's just my 2 cents. You play soloQ, getting sh** teammates that want to peace out the second they go down, or the second they see it's a killer they don't like is part of solo q charm I guess LOL.

  • Sava18
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    *survivors dying on hook shouldn't be a thing*

    If there was some comp game mode and in qp the current gameplay was the norm it would be fine but there is only one queue.

  • Hunkulese
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    Why would you wait four minutes if you're not having fun? Pick her up and chase her again if you have to. If you're really worried about her getting hatch, go close the hatch.

  • WilliamSN
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    You're comparing apples to oranges.

    The survivors are the ones with the active choice of where to lead the chase to aswell as what parts of the map the killer will have no reason to go to.

    Heres an example image :

    If the survivors decide to do all gens on the top side + middle , killer will have no reason to go up there, hence making 4-5 hooks "non-existant".

    the 4 bottom hooks will be the ones most likely to break, now if the bottom left side hook is broken, that whole left side becomes an unhookable safe zone for survivors trough no fault of the killer.

  • coco_shotz
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    You're also assuming the killer is just letting all the gens at the top get done without much of a fight. Also killers can still manage their hooks to an extent just like survivors can think about gen placement and completion. The killer is not entirely a victim in this format

  • Akumakaji
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    I am always a bit torn about the unhooking mechanic.

    Killing oneselves on hook is a dumb thing and the easy coop out way when something doesn't go some entiteled survivors way, but on the other hand its the sort of hope-mechanic when all hope is technically lost, just like hatch. When the whole team gets curb stomped by a slugging Nurse, someone might actually unhook themselves ... but even then it might not be doing you any good. In most other cases its actually punishing the killer for no reason at all. Slugging all four survivors from the very start aside, I have had situations where I fought tooth and nail over the last couple gens, with everyone being injured with MFT and Resilience, and somehow I managed to down the three remaining survivors, but when I was on my way to hook the last one, the first one succeeded on their 4% roll, unhooked their mate and they managed to get all 3 out by pushing that gen that I couldn't defend anymore, reset and then do the hook thing with two survivors. It felt EXTREMELY unfair and, dare I say it, unfun and undeserved. We all played tooth and nails, and I won, yet it was all taken away due to a random 4% chance thats ALWAYS in the game. (And yeah, I know that one bad game is just that, but on this forums we talk a lot about fairness and player agency, and the 4% chance often leads to no-win situations for the killer).

    As a sort of thought experiment, what if the killer had a 4% chance to instadown a survivor everytime the exit gates were powered and they didn't got a single kill? It would be a sort of hope mechanic for a basically hopeless situation on the killers side and it would feel equally undeserved and probably unfun to go down due to a random 4% chance for the survivors, when they actually had won the game. This isn't playing any endgame perks or NOED, btw, just the random 4% chance thats in the game at a base level.

    I really second the idea that you can only try to unhook yourself if you got a perk like Deliverance or Slippery Meat and let all other survivors just "hang in there" for a minute. On a sidenote, the luck stat should be reworked, too. Like, its so unintiutive that it only pertains to unhooking yourself, when it should actually increase your chance to find a higher quality item in chests. This wouldn't make luck much butter, but at least give it some kind of utility basides the ultra specialized "4x salty lips and slippery meat plus Ace in the Hole" build that can eiterh do nothing or feel very oppressive to go against when it actually works. And if luck gave you a shot at getting a medkit when wounded or a toolbox when pushing the last gen, then it might be a good "all purpose map offering" that didn't rile every killer up and make them play unfun from the get go, because the game is instantly stacked heavily against them, just because of the map selection.

    On a second side note, green wards should be much more frequently. Shove them into yellow and shower everyone with wards, so that burning a map offering doesn't become this easy MO for basically every SWF.

  • jmoyano92
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    Hook placement issue, nothing more.

    Hooks disabled after killing someone is fine.