Exactly one perk does not appear in bloodweb, but the perk is different for each character.

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Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Select a character that does not have every perk unlocked and sink bloodpoints into them, taking every perk that appears on the web until you no longer see any perks appear in the blood web.

Eventually, you'll notice that there'll be one perk that simply refuses to appear.

Killer Example:

Survivor Example:

Edit: After doing this on a 2nd survivor, the missing perk was Inner Strength (3rd tier)

It seems that all the perks are related to the Stranger Things character perks

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Another user has provided an explanation regarding the perk. Closing report.


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    You now have to have the Stranger Things characters prestige 1 to unlock their perks in the bloodweb. They are no longer general perks. This is not a bug.