Suggested stbfl change

I posted a question here earlier and other than some people just whining because, well they were babies the main problem people have with stbfl seams to be that it is unfair for camping and tunneling. I personally think the problem is overblown and it isn't a issue but I understand that the devs will listen to the loudest group and not me so I offer a compromise instead.

I dearly want to keep it at it's current power for pure chase builds and instead recommend these changes. Stbfl deactivates within 5 meters of a occupied hook. Stbfl does not activate its effect or gain tokens when hitting base endurance off of hook. This will cut down on camping and tunneling but retain it's power in base chasing. Maybe it wouldn't take effect with off the record but I would request it keep its effect with dead hard or buckle up as these aren't anti tunnel effects.


  • Skillfulstone
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    While people clamoring to not nerf it aren't "babies", it's refreshing to see someone having a similar idea to mine.

    STBFL is, in my opinion, one of the most well-designed perks in the game.

    Why? Because weak/average M1 Killers can get a lot of uses out of it and the powerhouses (Nurse & Blight) can hardly use it.

    Perks that are powerful but not made busted by stronger Killers are few, and STBFL is one of them.

    Except for deactivating when next to a hooked Survivor, STBFL shouldn't be changed.

    Sloppy Butcher is arguably along those same lines (it allows weak Killers some amount of slowdown to compensate for harder chases and potentially having to drop chase while strong Killers don't really benefit from it as much).

    I honestly think that nerfing STBFL or Sloppy in any way will just kill the variety in Killers even more.

    In higher MMR, it's a lot of Blight, Nurses, Huntresses and Spirit already. I don't want to be forced to play top-tier Killers to compete against good Survivors and I don't want to always face the same 4 Killers despite dozens of them existing.

  • pigslittlepet
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    I know they aren't babies. I was just cranky. I purposely don't run regression so it hurts when they want to nerf my builds.

  • Gastongard
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    Slopy butcher is really overtunned right now, they nerfed survivor healing and on top of that they buffed sloppy butcher, so i really hope in a near future they apply the balance hammer they used for mft and other survivor perks for SB.