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I only saw little glimpses of it before. Now I actually got to suffer through this atrocity and it's even worse than before the rework. The few weak pallets on that map were replaced with some that are just stupidly strong and the main building is almost the same as before (so still broken).

Does anyone think the map has actually improved?


  • TheArbiter
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    I thought for sure they were gonna board up the dining room window

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    Yea my first game on GoJ and I couldn’t tell a difference. Lol

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    Used to be the best wesker map but they removed most of the props that allowed you to do his techs or whatever you call them

    so pretty much the map isn’t good for playing wesker anymore 😔

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    I mean, I did make a thread in ptb feedback saying the map was substantially unchanged, with main building being arguably worse

    Most people that commented were disagreeing with me 🤨

    That map is still horrible and it needs a complete rework (scale down the size and rework main building)

  • The main building, especially the second floor, is clearly worse for the killer than before the rework.The combined car and fence points have a shorter loop circumference than before, but still exhibit broken strength depending on how they are connected to the adjacent windows and pallet zone.