PC - Back-To-Back Survivor Master Challenge bugged

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Survivor: Elodie

Perks: Corrective Action/Hyperfocus/Stake Out/Technician

Problem: I've completed this challenge twice in a row with the above build - once on Gideon and once on Mother's Dwelling - and it still shows as incomplete once back in the lobby. The progress indicator for the challenge that appears in-game lit up with a 3/3 each time, clearly indicating that I had completed the challenge after I hit 3 great skillchecks in a row. I hit all 3 without ever letting go of the generator. 3 Stake Out tokens were consumed, and 3 Hyperfocus tokens were granted each time I'd completed this.

Finally, I tried it a third time on RPD, and, lo and behold, when I stopped doing gens after completing the challenge, it registered as completed for me. So, somehow, the code for the challenge sees you hitting non-Great skillchecks after completing the challenge and holds it against you. Just thought you ought to know.

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    Also ran into this bug. Thanks for the info for the workaround, I guess I'll suicide to the killer instantly after getting the challenge to complete so I can get it to stick.

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