Give Chucky some fun add-ons

Chucky deserves better, his power is quite simple so I think there are ways to add stuff on top of it.

Also it's a crime that Chucky doesn't have a meme add-on.

Here are the add-ons that I think deserve a rework:

  • Strobing Light (Terror Radius modifiers on a "stealth" Killer aren't that good)
  • Silk Pillow (Terror Radius modifiers on a "stealth" Killer aren't that good, especially since this has a downside)
  • Running Shoes (No matter how, buffing manual Scamper isn't a good idea)
  • Hard Hat (The downside isn't that bad compared to the massive buff it gives to Scamper)
  • Pile of Nails (This add-on doesn't make sense, canceling Hidey-Ho does only hinder you, why would you want an effect that Hidey-Ho already provides? to artifically extend the Undetectable Status Effect last second? not good at all)

And here are some rework ideas I think would be cool:

  • Strobing Light: Start the Trial with Hidey-Ho fully charged. (simple and effective)
  • Silk Pillow: Decreases Hidey-Ho cooldown by 25% (faster recharge), decreases scamper vault speed by 25% while not performing Slice & Dice.
  • Running Shoes: After Scampering a window or a pallet during Slice & Dice your movement speed gets increased by 10%. (stacks)
  • Hard Hat: If you get stunned by a pallet during Slice & Dice you automatically Scamper under it without cancelling Slice & Dice.
  • Pile of Nails: Disables manual pallet scamper (break pallets during Hidey-Ho), scamper speed is increased by 30%. (so only during Slice & Dice or when vaulting windows)

What do you think?