Back-To-Back quest not working properly

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  • Epic games
  • The quest counter goes up to 3/3, is marked as completed, but it doesn't show as done after the match. Canceling and then reequipping it doesn't fix it.
  • 1. Play survivor in public matches using the yellow toolbox and the brown charge addon with it and following perks: technician, i. e. required one; this is not happening; hyperfocus; stake out. 2. Finish the match. 3. Profit? Not.
  • Happened 2 times out of 2.
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  • Jaredleto1234
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    Been given the completed signal twice, have yet to be able to turn in the quest. First game used a hyper-focus/stake out build. Thought maybe they put restrictions on guaranteed great skill checks. Second game I used no-mither with this is not happening. Both games I completed the quest and was given the in game overlay to say I did, but still don't have the challenge completed.

  • NaveR
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    My friend used sprint burst, technician, iron will, and adren, and had the same exact issue, so perks are unlikely to play a role unless it's technician. He plays on steam.

    Oh, and he was running a flashlight with no addons, meaning the toolbox is irrelevant. He even picked feng, which didn't solve it either.

  • awustzdn
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    Can confirm, same on Steam, was using Stake Out and as a result hit at least 9 Greats in a row. It counted up during the game, but failed to register after the game.

  • Rastabooze
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    same here on Steam. did the challenge without any skillcheck-size perks or addons. just hit them 3 times in a row. It said that I´ve done it successfully ingame, but after game its still "undone".

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