Hawkins unusable Hook on PS5 (maybe affect other plattforms as well)

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This hook is unusable on Hawkins Laboraty Map. The Hook spawns little too right instead left.

Step 1 : Boot the game on PS5 (maybe affect other consoles as well)

Step 2 : Play as Killer its affected all roster.

Step 3 : In-game downing someone picking up the downed survivor.

Step 4 : Try to bring the specific Survivor to this Hook and you will getting no prompt for Hooking.

Played as Hag

Addons : Scarred Hand / Waterlooged Shoe

Perks : Game A foot / Play with your food / Agitation / Save best for Last

And here have the exact tile name :

And here you have from my ps5 a vid what happening and what i mean.

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