Console - One single button for all actions?

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I play DBD with a few friends who play on a console. One quite annoying thing that has been happening a lot is when someone is next to a pallet, the console players are unable to drop it because it's the same button to heal and to drop the pallet.

I added a clip bellow showing my friend trying to drop the pallet during a chase, but end up healing me instead. It's not possible to vault a window either when a survivor is below the window.

On PC, the mouse click heals and Space bar drops the pallet.

I told him to look at the settings and try change input binding for interactions to Y and... it worked!! He wasn't aware it was possible to change bindings.

My suggestion is: why not leave it as default? Just like Click and Space on PC, there's no reason to have both as RB as default.

For those who already play, the commands can stay the same. But for new players, a better keybinding definitely makes everyone's life easier when playing DBD.

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    Allowing console players to use a keyboard and mouse is also an option. And it won't be unfair, since there's a crossplay between console and PC.

    PS: The Key Y is not used on console. using it as default for interactions seems to be safe.

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    I do think many consolers don't even know they can rebind most actions around in the settings, and this should be made more clear imo.