Killer variety

With the release of "The Good Guy", I'm finding that most of my matches are versus him. After the 10th match in a row of him, I was thinking. The devs made it so that you don't go into the same map twice in a row, mayhaps a toggle-able option to make it so that you don't vers the same killer twice in a row might be a good addition.

This will provide a more varied experience to survivors, despite increasing the wait time slightly.

Wesker Fatigue is a thing, now Chucky Fatigue started.


  • VomitMommy
    VomitMommy Member Posts: 583

    Oh right, because noone cares about queue times.

    Good thing is it won't be just Wesker, it will be Wesker and Chucky. Unless Chucky gets nerfed tho, like Xeno.

    I don't really mind neither of them to play against.

  • BabyShrimp
    BabyShrimp Member Posts: 81

    It's just cuz he's the new killer. It'll settle down on it's own eventually.

  • Skillfulstone
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    edited November 2023

    You're tired of seeing the same Killer(s) already?

    Imagine if they do nerf STBFL, all you'll see outside of low MMR are Nurses, Blights, Huntresses and Spirits since weaker/average Killers won't be able to compete without sweating bullets and playing scummy.

    In all seriousness though, he's been out for mere days and it's a Killer-only chapter, this always happen for the first few weeks.

  • Unequalmitten86
    Unequalmitten86 Member Posts: 142

    By Monday it will settle down.