PC - Stuck in First Person on Chucky After Interacting with Red Glyph

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After interacting with glyph (red, in my case), the camera zooms in during the interaction, going directly inside of Chucky's head. The camera locks into place, forcing you into a bugged, first person, distorted field of view from the inside of his head (face textures - mouth, tongue and all), making it impossible to really move or interact correctly. Weird teleporting also occurred during movement.

Hooking a survivor solved the issue. After knocking down, picking up and hooking, Chucky went back to his normal third person field of view with normal model/camera.

Step 1 : Boot the game, select a tome challenge that requires you to interact with a glyph. In my case this happened with red glyphs, but did not happen with purple/slimes.

Step 2 : Play as killer in a public match. Any build, any map is fine. Just make sure you've selected a glyph challenge.

Step 3 : Find and interact with a red glyph. The camera should zoom in, clipping inside of Chucky's head, distorting FOV and movement. While stationary, the camera appears normal at first glance, but any kind of movement puts you back inside of Chucky's head. Motion is jerky, the camera bobs, and you're forced to play in first person, locked inside of floating head textures.

Step 4 : Hook a survivor to return Chucky to his normal, third person FOV. I was unable to fix the issue by vaulting, breaking a pallet, attacking/downing a survivor. But hooking a survivor forced the camera to zoom out and everything seemed fine thereafter.

I unfortunately did not take video or photos of the incident. But I did close the game after and have attached a log here.

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