Bloodpoint Debt

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What if after a player gets enough reports about them being unsportsmanlike or trolling or whatever, they get a Bloodpoint Debt placed on them. Say, like, 250,000 bloodpoints. Your normal Bloodpoints would be locked until the debt is paid off, which means you can’t spend any of your Bloodpoints in the Bloodweb. You would slowly pick away at the debt as you play, until you pay it off and can use your Bloodpoints again. 

I’m pretty sure that would just make players angry and cause unnecessary frustration, but it would be pretty funny.


  • pigslittlepet
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    Please don't make these kinds of suggestions. Devs could easily take you seriously and actually think it's a good idea. So many reports are pure bogus by people who are just angry about losing. Every report needs to be examined for real before it's acted on.