Unrewarding Survivor Experience

I cannot overstate how underwhelming and unrewarding being a survivor currently is. As if the painfully obvious fragmented survivor perks aren't limiting and discouraging enough, we deal with the constant hacking experience of being matched with unskilled players looking for an unfair advantage. The worst part is when you've played an almost perfect survivor match, only to be faced with unfairly close hooks (sometimes PARALLEL to each other). A killer that can see auras like Superman (which by the way is disingenuous to the actual killer's powers/abilities in cinema). The gates are within a breath's hair of each other for a killer that can either run at Flash-like speed, teleport, or borrow underground, or through lockers. Aside from all of this, EVEN IF the killer never once saw the survivor or hooked them, the survivor (that played so well) is forced into a lose-lose situation. They are chased without any recourse at the end of the match, not even a one-minute timer that the killer has to get the survivor within otherwise the survivor gets away Scott-free. Instead, the survivor gets hooked and has two hooks placed on them for nothing more than the developers designing and favoring the killer/player that played the killer. That is unfair gameplay.

All those spectating know that if it weren't for this flawed free-be mechanic, the survivor would have survived by "daylight". It comes across as lazy, unfair, and unimaginative programming and design. And just because a large part of the community doesn't moan and groan about this part of the game doesn't change the fact that it's flawed and melodramatic.

Just because there's no one around at the end of the match to get the last survivor off a hook doesn't mean to instantly kill off the survivor without a fight. Give that last survivor the incentive to feel like this game acknowledges their skill.