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I selected the "BACK-TO-BACK" challenge for survivors. Description reads "Get consecutive Great results on 3 skill checks while working on a generator using the perk Technician. Complete this in a single trial." Does not indicate that you must escape.

After completing the challenge in game, and seeing the progress complete, when I leave the match through dying, it will not keep the progress. So if you needed to escape, that should be on the requirements. If you don't need to escape, it should have completed it.

Location: Azeroth's

Survivor: Kate Denson

Killer: The Good Guy

Perks: Adrenaline, Distortion, Technician, Stakeout

Connection: PC - Steam

Steps to reproduce: Select the challenge BAKC-TO-BACK on the most recently release tome. Load in a build with Technician. Complete the challenge, then die.

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