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Yesterday I purchased the Tiffany skin on the PS5. Immediately after the purchase went through, I could not play as any killer. A message popped immediately after saying "Something went wrong with the app" and it was reported but not sure who it went too. I closed out the game and I waited till the next day and when I tried to play as a killer again

, it kicks me off and says "Network Connection is required" My internet is just fine. I've had my blood web time out and kick me off as well. Playing as a survivor has issues once in awhile also. But I can not play as a killer ever since my purchase went through for the Tiffany skin. It will kick me off and go all the way back to the main screen to hit the X button again to start. I have no idea what is going on. Game worked just fine before I made the purchase for Tiffany. Now I cannot play at all. My internet works and is connected

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    Still having this issue. I get into the lobby to select killer or survivor. I select killer, hit start and after about 45 seconds it kicks me off with an error message. I can play as a survivor just fine but cannot do anything as a killer. It will not let me play ever since I made my purchase for the Tiffany skin.

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