Some Problems with 7.4.0 Trickster's add-on "Trick Blades"

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Steps Example:

Combine Add-on "Trick Blades" and "Iridescent Photocard".

Step 1: Throw two Blades, Blade A and B, quickly.

Step 2 : If Blade A doesn't hit any survivors and only Blade B hits a survivor, Blade B is hit will give Trickster +1% Haste Status Effect, but...

Step 3 : Immediately after that, Blade A (Trick Blade) will disappear without hitting anyone. Then Trickster's Haste Status Effect will be lost...

With this specification, anyone probably don't want to combine "Trick Blades" and "Iridescent Photocard" and shot a lot of "Trick Blades".

This is just speculation, but I think the Score Event Combos System probably has a similar problem.

In other words, even if Trickster throw Blade A before the combo starts, and then successfully hit Blade B and C and D, if Blade A (Trick Blade) disappears immediately after that without hitting anyone, the Score Event Combos will be big deducted, so Trickster will not be able to get a sufficient score.

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