Blight Xenomorph not being blinded

I was playing on pc today as the Xenomorph with the blighted skin, while running the perks Ultimate Weapon, Shadowborn, Gift of Pain, and Pop goes the Weasel. As I was in a chase with a survivor, I broke a pallet and proceeded to get blinded. However, I noticed that I didn't get blinded at all, I knew that I should have been blinded however, because I saw the beam expand that shows the successful blind and I heard the sound effects of being blinded. I do not believe the issue to be any of the perks, and instead think it's a problem with the bighted xenomorph cosmetic, if not the xenomorph in general. This has only happened once, as I have just acquired the cosmetic, but will update on if it happens again.

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  • Lord_Kaine
    Lord_Kaine Member Posts: 11

    I think it's a bug with blinds in general, since i've seen this bug happen in killer gameplay vids of chucky in all of that killer's skins, with different perks.

    Though, i have not personally experianced the bug.