Minor Bot Bug - Urban Evading Everywhere

Playing on Steam / PC.

I've only encountered this bug through custom games, however it may show up in real games. If you equip a bot with the perk Urban Evasion, they will literally Urban Evade until they die or escape. Meme brought into game, I suppose. They don't run when they see you (the killer), just wiggle-crouching away (thus no chase gets initiated). Due to this, they slow vault everything and potentially end up letting teammates die on hook due to how long it takes them to get there. Reporting this in case it disrupts real games (replacement bots). Tested it with three games (first two were when I noticed the bug) and the third I only gave the bots this perk. Its both hilarious and adorable to see them scatter very slowly, crawling away with no urgency. Injuring doesn't make them stop either. Can still do any interactions, just at their pace I suppose.

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