BUG. Thrilling Tremors without Thrilling Tremors :)

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The killer was playing with the build shown in the screenshot above. He didn't have the "Thrilling Tremors" perk, but during the match the generators were consumed by the entity every time the killer picked up a survivor.

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This looks like a unique issue, if you still require assistance please ask other forum users in the Ask the Community sub section as we do not offer customer support on this forum. We suggest that you contact our support here: https://www.bhvr.com/contact-us-2/


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    cheater? maybe.

  • LazyHitman1
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    I think I know what this is. He might have been doing the random perk tome challenge: Hook or Crook. The challenge is glitched so if you have perks equipped before activating the challenge you still have those perks in game. However, after the match, you will be shown random perks next to your username. You still don’t get the challenge even if you did the requirements. I had to empty out my perks before I actually got random perks.

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