Hawkins - gen spawn RNG is broken

I play on Steam, but it was the same for every streamer I've seen.

Before Stranger Things got removed in 2021, the portal room in Hawkins lab had an RNG for gen spawn. There were 3 possibilities, but now, since the return of the map, only 1 of the possibilities has been realized every match:

  • a 1-man gen could spawn far away at the wall, near the vault - this is the only variation that exists in the game currently
  • a 4-man gen could spawn on the top of the glass tiles, near the stairs - this no longer happens
  • a 3-man gen could spawn on the stairs - this no longer happens

All 3 varieties were present until the Hawkins map removal in 2021, but now only the 1st one (solo gen) variation happens.

This has happened in every single match I've played and seen others play on this map, since the re-introduction of the map several weeks ago.

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  • Marc_123
    Marc_123 Member Posts: 3,211

    Now that you say it... right.

    I only got the 1-man gen in all games.