Singularity gets stuck in floor when stunned while slipstreaming

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Platform: Steam / PC

During a Twitch stream yesterday I was playing as Singularity and using my Biopod to tag and try to teleport to an injured survivor, I got the tag and after a small bit of mindgaming and cooldown i got the teleport... Which because of where the survivor (Cheryl) was standing caused me to teleport at the pallet making it instantly break.

The issue was that it cancelled the "reforming" animation of HUX's slipstream animation, so my camera was just stuck inside the floor. I could not hit the Cheryl, I actually could set up Bio-Pods and interact with them, but teleporting and interacting with objects seemed to do nothing.

I believe the Cheryl couldn't see what was happening to me, because they seemed confused in postgame chat, so it was purely a Killer perspective only issue and not something like my full model being stuck in the floor.

I have a clip from stream, forgive my screams of confusion and excitement but it best highlights how I managed to trigger said bug.

I think this could be a rare Meatplant Only issue, but this is a game breaking bug when triggered.

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