“No Network Connection” after purchasing Tiffany/Killer only PS5

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I keep getting “No Network Connection” errors on PS5, even though my network is fine and all other online games are working normally. Is this happening to anyone else? This is only happening when trying to play as a killer. Been happening now for 3 days. While in a lobby waiting to find a match, it kicks me out with the error message. This does not happen on the survivor side.

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  • AGM
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    Yea this bug has been happening to a lot of people, myself included. Sometimes it even happens to me in match as killer and then I get blamed for the dc and get a dc penalty despite having no actual problems with my internet.

  • WilsonS1977
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    It's garbage! It literally started happening immediately after my purchase went through. I've gotten 3 different error messages. The whole reboot your router is not the issue. This game works just fine on my PS4. We pay money for the characters and other DLCs. No excuse for this! Gotta love playing games that have to be downloaded and run strictly on servers now!