Executioner and Lery's

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I've been mostly playing Pyramid Head for the past 3 months and in this time I've noticed that there is certain spots in Lery's Memorial Institute that just cancel the path of Punishment Of The Damned. This happens almost every match I play as Executioner on this map, I've linked a video showing footage I captured of this bug.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this issue, we are forwarding this to the team for their review.


  • SchmittyKat
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    Behavior. EXECUTIONER IS BUGGED. BAD. UNPLAYABLE. CAN’T USE MY POWER. Extreme stuttering when using his power. It’s completely unusable as everything just shuts down whenever I start using my M2. I am on Xbox but there’s no point in me posting about this because you’re going to label it as a duplicate even though it’s not I guess I’m done streaming this game is killer.