Nemesis, Huntress, Clown, and Pyramid head are bugged, their shot comes from "the left", common bug.

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I did a bug report specifically on Huntress previously, but this seems an issue for these ranged killers ( Huntress, Clown, and Pyramid head), where it seems that the position from where the shot comes from, instead of being exactly centered on you, comes, "from the left", like, 5 cm from the left, but it still goes towards the centre of the screen direction, so "to north".

I don't know what's causing this problem, and I cannot tell if Trickster and Xenomorph have the same issue or not. Deathslinger seems not to. I cannot tell for Plague either, but she seems not to.

Nemesis has a DIFFERENT bug instead, but similar: the shot comes from the centre, but it seems to go towards the right direction for some reason, like 5 degrees right from "the north direction". I don't know why this happens.

To verify this bug, I sat on a straight line on the street of Garden of Joy, shooting straight along the line.

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