Game is almost unplayable

Ever since the update of Stranger Things came back both of my PS5s are having trouble loading into Dead by Daylight. First week after the ST update I couldn't use the bloodweb or the game couldn't initialize. It would restart or completely freeze until I reset the PS5. This was happening for awhile and even when I got into a match it may kick me out saying I lost connection or the game failed to initialize. Even during the loading screen it will say the game version is invalid. Ive waited for two updates that happened recently and the problem hasn't been fixed.

I've reinstalled the game off of one of my ps5 and the problem still exists. Everyday it's me trying to play a few games going through the long process just to play a game or two.

I can add pictures of what the screen says but it's just the regular messages you get it seems like. If anybody has an idea to solve this problem please let me know. Ultimately I hope the developers can look into this more and fix this during the nest update.

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