PC - Haste effects not applying regardless of circumstance

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This is personally my second time reporting this bug. This seems to happen on any map, up against any killer, with any perk combinations.

Using any exhaustion perk (Sprint Burst in my case) or being hit causes no haste effects to be applied to the survivor. You still become exhausted from exhaustion perks, but get no haste. Other survivors in the match could use exhaustion perks / got the speed boost from being hit completely fine.

This particular instance was up against Chucky, his perks being Trail of Torment, Pop, Thrilling Tremors, and Corrupt. His add-ons were Straight Razor and Rat Poison.

I'm not sure how to recreate this bug, but this is not the only instance this exact bug has happened to only me in a match.

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Thank you for your report. This issue is currently under review, and there is no need to open further reports on an issue if you've already reported it.

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