No credit for completing "Back-to-Back"

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Did not receive credit for finishing the Tome Challenge "Back-to-Back," Tome 17, Level 4

Playing on PC, Steam

Step 1 : Selected the challenge "Back-to-Back"

Step 2 : Played as Survivor with a friend in public match

Step 3 : Received in-match confirmation that I had completed the challenge

Step 4 : When I finished the match and went to claim rewards from the Tome, it showed 0 progress.

Additional information

  • This happened twice so far - the first time I did not take screenshots because I had no reason to suspect there was an issue.
  • It should be noted that for Steam users, we are unable to upload files by using the Observer chatbot; the overlay will not allow for any file to be selected unless it is a .doc file.
  • Player Cloud ID 498ec61a-1f66-4d30-8a86-34fd05614309

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This has been already reported and it's under review. Thank you!


  • PyramidHACK
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    Same here. I've done it several times. Finished the mission, escaping, dying, I see the 3 marks, then it's complete, but it's not counted after the match. I have Technician equipped, I bring Hyperfocus and Stakeout to make sure I get 'em right, and the challenge doesn't specify anything else, so it's BUGGED!!

  • gothsloth
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    I have experienced this bug as well. I have completed the challenge twice, receiving the in-match indicator that I have done so. When I finish the match, in both the post-match screen and the tome, challenge still shows up as incomplete.

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