There's a SERIOUS bug on all items including toolboxes and medical kit!

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I just saw it on a Chinese website called bilibili.

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Can you provide additional information regarding this bug?


  • Mercy37
    Mercy37 Member Posts: 3

    BV1cj411s7kM just search it on bilibili

    It's very ridiculous for me as a killer player.

    I argue that it should be fixed as early as possible.

    Cause survivor can still use the toolbox or med-kit even running out of durability.

  • Mercy37
    Mercy37 Member Posts: 3

    As you can see!

    This is a serious problem.

    It's quite unfair for killer player!

    I sincerely hope that you can fix it soon!

    It's important for all of us.

  • vikvlg
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    This is old bug (like as bug with flashlight and locker).