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I'm on PC/Steam, and I can't find a match as survivor after trying for an hour (I've never had this issue before with 550 hours). The last time I played was 12/10, so not sure if this is related to bone chill event or not. I'm sitting in the lobby in a constant state of "looking for match". I see streamers on the same servers as me (NA east) getting into matches in under 2 minutes, and there was a 100% BP incentive on survivor queue when I was trying to play, so I don't think it's due long queue times. I tried killer as well with no luck.

I swapped around characters (started with Ellen, tried Yun-Jin, Elodie, and then Adam), removed the new holiday sweater I bought today for Ellen, I disabled/re-enabled the bone chill event tome challenges (I tried the first 2 ones avail to survivor), entirely removed them, i enabled the bonfire player badge then disabled it, restarted the game multiple times, and no luck.

I did play a warm up round on the 'survive with bots' tutorial before trying to queue up today (although I typically do that for the sake of my teammates).

Any help would be very much appreciated, I only have a few days to play the event and really hoping to get some of cosmetic rewards ha. Thank you!

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