Getting temp ban after farm bot killed me

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-Self explanatory,I went against a myer that just was the kind of TP bot,except those time he hooked me before the animation of the camera turning around you finished,so when I died,I got the leave penalty,the dwight that died second got the same (or I assume so since he was marked as a lever on the end screen). I don't mind because I just had a 1 min leaver but still.

Please when someone litterally get killed in the first 5 second of the game,dont count it as a DC,thanks.

the myers was on another platform and in incognito,reported them but cant do much more

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Thank you for your feedback. Temporary Bans cannot be appealed or reversed, which includes Disconnection Penalties. Also, the player having their name hidden is no issue so long as the required in-game report was made; the Player Support Agents will be able to see their information on their end.


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