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• Platform - Steam

• Description of the issue - Ive seen two Killer's already this morning with this perk in their build. If its disabled then its not being pulled from builds that it was on previously as I cannot put it on my Killer builds since the killswitch.

• Steps to reproduce (if possible) N/A

• How often does this occur - Seen it twice so far.

This is from the Huntress I just finished playing against.

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the perk is still available until a game restart.


  • muffinbutton
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    Everything is working as intended.

  • muffinbutton
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    So if people keep their games open, they can just continue to use the perk that is not supposed to be used?? Sounds kind of like an exploit to me.

  • TheMissingHook
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    Basically is, but it also NEVER takes into account if people had it on builds before. If someone has a killswitched perk in their build, it will ALWAYS be tier one when they load into a match, since someone thinks it's a good idea to just not make sure the perk itself is removed from loadouts. Tons of people with 3 perks today have confessed that they did not take it off. 3 perks is due to the perk being "kill switched" but still in their load out. This is not the first time this has happened, and it certainly won't be the last

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