The Trickster and The Hag are perfect candidates to test 4.5 Killers

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Trickster in particular is the perfect example of 4.4 being too slow, but 4.6 being too fast. He's insanely oppressive now and it mostly has to do with his Movespeed, but if you simply revert it to 4.4 he goes back to being too easy to loop and way too susceptible to certain areas just being way too strong against him so 4.5 is the middle ground, we should try it. The Hag is an interesting case because ensuring that she can't place traps within 16 meters of a hooked Survivor and simply erasing the existing ones within that range like Skull Merchant's Drones she should honestly be a 4.6 killer, makes 0 sense how someone as OP and high mobility as Blight gets to keep 4.6 but not Hag because she can teleport. Blight can zoom across the map in seconds but oh having to go place a trap and then be able to teleport to it is too much for 4.6 apparently. But I digress. 4.5 feels like the perfect solution to Trickster's movespeed issue and Hag should either have her traps nerfed so they can't be around hooked survivors as mentioned before and be 4.6 or kept as is, but put to 4.5.


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    I always wondered why 4.5m/s doesn't exist.

    Maybe 112.5% calls some kinds of problems for coding due to be decimal number percentage?

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