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How Well Does DBD Handle On Linux?

Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,621

I swapped from Windows 11 to Debian12 (Gnome ~ Linux), Im not the most experienced when it comes to Linux but I am 100% willing to learn and accept the challenge of it.

How well does Dead by Daylight (Steam) run on Deb12?

Im assuming it will use Proton like my other games but I wanted to check with others first.


  • Vithar
    Vithar Member Posts: 27

    It depends where you have your game purchased.

    Steam version runs even on Steam Deck, so it probably should run fine with Proton 8 (or GE/Experimental). High probability Steam has it preconfigured to install it for out-of-the box experience.

    Epic Store version have unsolved Easy AntiCheat problem. And game won't run no matter what. At least I don't know what to do to make it work, and the support couldn't help me either.

  • Iron_Cutlass
    Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,621

    Im running the game on Steam, after doing testing, it seems to be fine, though I still have a memory leak issue where assets dont deallocate from the RAM once they are done being used, they just stick there until I close the game altogether, and Ive been having the issue for awhile and just have no idea how to even fix it.

    Luckily running things through Direct X12 in Proton GE has reduced the RAM usage by a lot overall but it's still an issue I need to fix nonetheless.

  • Vithar
    Vithar Member Posts: 27

    Sounds like very weird bug. Do you have the same issue in all the protons, you've tried? Maybe it's something specific to one version of GE?

    As I assume - you have Steam version of the game. Have you tried Steam Recommended Settings as well?

  • BoddyBoy
    BoddyBoy Member Posts: 4


    Before the Steam Deck validation, the Epic Games version of the game used to work with workarounds (proton-GE + Proton EAC Runtimes + EasyAntiCheat symlink), and the Steam version failed.

    To get the Steam Deck validation, they changed something in the EAC config that reversed the situation. The Steam version of the game works fine with all the proton stuff, and the EGS version is no longer recognized by the proton EAC runtime.

    There is no non-proton EAC module for the game (or I'm unaware of it and it doesn't install itself anyway) and so the EGS version has currently no Linux support.


  • Vithar
    Vithar Member Posts: 27

    It's a very sad news. So it seems i have to surrender my efforts, buy the game on Steam, and count for BHVR Account link to work properly to not lose my progress and purchases.

  • Iron_Cutlass
    Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,621
    edited February 10

    I swapped version of Proton to test and see.

    I also forgot to update this, but I swapped from Debian12 to NixOS since I was having Nvidia Driver issues. It solved my Nvidia Driver issue (for the most part) but Ive been needing to install some OOM Killers to help deal with the RAM issue, not the best solution, but at least it is something.

    Also I do have the game on Steam, I dont really know where to check for the Steam Recommended Settings but Ive been using ProtonDB (website) to generally find the most compatible version of Proton that work my games.