Oak offerings and hooks being destroyed when someone is sacrificed need to go.

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Both are highly problematic. I just had a game as Oni where I had to slug the last survivor near the exit gate and they ended up DCing because they thought I was BMing but I did it because the other 3 Survivors I killed were all on that side of the map, so because of that there were no hooks close enough for me to hook them. It was on Haddonfield, and there were only 3 hook on an entire side of the map which were all destroyed because of the outdated mechanic that destroys hooks when someone is sacrificed. Please remove oak offerings and fix that stupid mechanic that has no place in the game.

Also there was only 1 single oak offering and it caused an ENTIRE HALF OF THE MAP to have 3 hooks.


  • CookieBaws
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    Yea, removing hooks makes no sense, at all. I have no idea why it was a thing before.

  • Yoshirama
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    No, the idea of a hook being removed is to avoid zoning, imagine having a hook in a 3 gen and killer just have all the resources to kill everyone without effort

    Oak offerings doesn’t do a lot, at least I see a lot of hooks so close lmao

  • Wowie
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    Hook management is part of the game and there's no reason to remove it.

    Some places, especially Haddonfield, need some better placement, but that's a separate issue.