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I typically always run Bear Oil and Trapper Gloves, and I know that, respectively, traps are set silently and 30% faster. Yesterday, while I was playing, I noticed that I was getting a Haste effect immediately after setting my traps, and that is the effect of Coffee Grounds, not the two addons I was using. I only noticed it for the first time yesterday, and it continued to happen throughout all of my Trapper games. I'm not sure how to recreate it nor do I know if anyone has had similar issues. I don't believe this has anything to do with it, but the perks I run are Agitation, Pain Resonance, Pop, and Corrupt Intervention.

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Since update 7.3.0 Trapper has a haste effect after setting traps as basekit https://forums.bhvr.com/dead-by-daylight/kb/articles/413-7-3-0-mid-chapter

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