Plaything/Devour/Noed Aura

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Hex totems that should be showing their aura at a certain distance are not working at all. When plaything is active me and my friends can circle the map three times over and still not find it because it is hidden with no aura. The same thing is happening to devour. Devour used to show it’s aura once it was activated past a certain point (exposure) and it does not anymore for us. Same with NOED. Totems that are supposed to show their aura so it makes it easier to be found are not showing their auras and multiple people are having problems with this bug. This isn’t a rare occurrence either it is almost guaranteed for me as a PC player. For the past MONTH I have barely seen totem auras when they are active and now I’m finally hearing others talk about it too. Plaything seems to be the most effected by this “bug” but others like me are having issues seeing NOED too

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