Blighted Rush completely non-functional

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Blighted rush disabled for the entire match

Step 1 : Play on Badham

Step 2 : Play as the blight in a public match

Step 3 : In-game rush between the car and the wall in the garage, directly infront of the stairs, by the gen that is below ground (dont know what the location is called).

Step 4 : Notice that your rush immediatly ends upon activation. Even if you activate it right next to a wall you will not Slam. You go on cooldown and need to take the syringe immediatly.

Additional information

  • Blight character
  • Perks: Hex: Blood Favor, Hex: Undying, Lethal Pursuer, Eruption
  • Map: Badham preschool
  • Frequency of the issue: 100% of the time when i tried to use my power. It started working randomly again after maybe 6 minutes, after that i went back to the spot where it happened and did it again, I managed to replicate it.

documents to add

I have a video of it but i am not allowed to import videos into this bug report which is kinda stupid. I tried converting the video to 7z (it says that 7z is allowed) but now it says ''Permission Problem'' instead. So i cant provide the video i have.

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Thank you for taking the time to report this. If you cannot upload video to the Forum directly, you can upload the video to a host, such as YouTube. This issue has already been reported; please upvote, and add any information to the initial report here:

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