dbd urgently needs a graphical improvement

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I don't understand why the graphics haven't improved, it still looks horrible unlike other games, the devs said they didn't want to change the graphics engine for the players of the old generation of consoles but having games like rerdead redemption and halo infinite that visually look very good and are five times as big in content as dbd

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  • mikewelk
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    The smoke effects from the fire barrels are so pixelated that it constantly reminds me of how old DBD really is. It shouldn't be like that.

  • Kubui
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    probably in some years we will get an U5 update. If you do that now, dbd might lose a big playerbase because a lot of players play on potatoes

  • RFSa09
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    Honestly, I want this game to never have any kind of major graphical improvement, PS3/´´ugly´´ graphics are unique and give off a much better atmosphere, it just needs better optimization

  • Chiky
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    it's the worst performing game i have ever had. It consumes so many resources and the quality is #########. I play most games in 4K, and dbd has to have the graphics in medium or it dies... Performance got even worse since the releasd of skull merchant. Trees now are basically 50/50 chance to be a MSPaint texture or not...

  • Rokku_Rorru
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    I'd say that survivor animations are my biggest issue with the game atm, for an animation set that is reused for tons of characters... it's really mess and makes the models look ugly.

    That and stop caking everyone with excessive dirt and pores, it looks awful

  • Harbinger1985
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    I find many random textures pixelated. I wondered something at my side or the graphics really that... dated. I could say old since it's still a 2016 game with lots of updates, but older titles looks better. Don1t know the performance side I use Adaptive-sync and this make it 60 cap on maximum at FullHD. But I remember played the game at free weekend at my old build i5 4460, 8 GB RAM and a GTX 960, had performance issue!

    Also, I experimented by turning off AA. Well, it looks... weird and ugly. Just like many games which requires TAA to to certain elements don't looks bad like hair. Since TAA gives you an obvious ghosting effect doesn't we need to change between AA methods? I know TAA off function recently implemented to the game. Just like FSR 1.0.