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XBox - Skillcheck delay

xEa Member Posts: 3,838


I friend of mine has some strange lags playing DBD. It is only in this game tho.

When a skillcheck appeares, he has to press like half a second before to actually hit it. Also in the lobby when he is moving his curser, he notices a delay of like half a second.

He bought a new controller, checked his connection, reseted the router but this did not help

Anybody else has or had this issue?

Thanks in advance & Kind regards.


  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 13,897

    cursor movement and (iirc) skillcjecks are clientsided so it shouldn’t be a matter of network lag not his case.

    however, it may be just input lag between controller and console which may be affected by distance in case of wireless controller connection (can your friend try wired controller?), interferences by other wireless connections etc like smartphones, and possibly also the console performance as is (maybe older console, full memory, apps in background open?)

    performance on console and especially last gen consoles is known to be pretty poorly optimized for DbD. This can be an issue of FPS alone for example and… it’s frustrating and no solution is at hand really…

    hopefully the devs will finally focus more on optimizing the experience on all provided platforms *as they have promised to do*