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Between Blight and Artist, Which Killer Has a More Interactable Chase Power?

Recently, someone told me that Artist has a more interactable chase power than Blight. I heavily, but civilly disagree with their thoughts regarding this, but what about you guys?

Out of these two killers, who has a more interactable chase power? Please care to explain too.



  • bjorksnas
    bjorksnas Member Posts: 4,961

    Blight, you still interact with props like windows and pallets just at a faster pace, artist isn't much of a looping killer its more of a hold W and if you reach something at a good time you "can" use it

  • KatsuhxP
    KatsuhxP Member Posts: 60

    Depending on the playstyle i think:

    I'm using Artist kind of as a huntress, I even try to snipe you through the walls while running after you. So I don't use her too much to deny loops completely. I think that would be pretty fun and interactive at least for me.

    At the same time I find the mindgames with hugtechs, moonrushes and 180s pretty fun and interactive too.

    So i can't tell whats more interactive but I'd guess most people just use Artist to deny loops and therefore I'd say Blight is more interactive.

  • fussy
    fussy Member Posts: 816

    Artist my most played killer and Blight is my second most played killer. Blight is no doubt way more interactive, but it depends on map tbh.

    If there are many connected pallets and loops, you can interact with Artist by shift+w.

    Blight doesn't ignore windows or pallets, you can juke him and without speed addons he will never give a hit in some loops against good survivor.

    Artist, if she lucky with map, pretty much always put you in lose-lose situation.

  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 6,103