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Is blight getting nerfed before he hits live?

What’s the scoop on this? I’ve heard he was too OP with the new addons?

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  • Astel
    Astel Member Posts: 568
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    As we all know, Blight add-ons were OP, so Blighted Rat & Crow, Adrenaline Vial, Alchemist's Ring, Compound 33, and Iridescent Blight Tag were changed. But C33 and Tag were so strong in PTB while Adren vial was too weakened, so devs decided to nerf those two iri add-ons and buff Adren when it comes to live server in Jan 30th.

  • o7o
    o7o Member Posts: 279
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    It was just an add-on rework, not him. He isn’t getting nerfed.

    His 2 iris have been nerfed (balanced) since the PTB. He will still have infinite rushes but with a cooldown now in between missing a lethal rush hit, fatiguing & breaking a pallet/wall while in power. C33 got nuked.

    New Alch Ring definitely will be a bit problematic because it will also turn him into a tunneling demon like Iri Blight Tag but it’s nice compensation for nerfing double speed. You’ll be able to play around jungle gyms & certain tiles more freely without having to use too many rushes and traverse the map better.

    Adrenaline Vial was questionably re-buffed post-PTB when it deserved to get nuked.