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What should I buy?

Sir069 Member Posts: 23

So between these three killers(Chucky, Demogorgon and Xenomorph) what are two best killers I can buy. And by best I mean(good teachables, good gameplay and fun killer to play). Which two killers of those I should buy? Any answer is highly appreciated!


  • mikewelk
    mikewelk Member Posts: 1,491

    It's very difficult to compare them because their abilities are very different, especially their strengths and weaknesses. I would suggest watching a YouTube video and seeing which ability matches your playstyle and common annoyances you might encounter with each killer because they will happen, question is about the frequency. You also need to make sure you have the optimal build for them beforehand since the Shrine of Secrets is really unreliable. They are all pretty solid picks though!

  • Depressedlegion
    Depressedlegion Member Posts: 217

    I suggest demo and Chucky, as I find them personally more fun, but I also suggest watching some videos.

  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 1,299

    I like Chucky. His Deviousness power is kind of tough but he is a blast and I also use his Teachable, Batteries Included, on my Myers now when I'm playing with Scratched Mirror. That extra haste is great as more generators get done and the game progresses.

    I only played Demo once and it was beyond painful.

    I only played Alien once in a custom match and I simply couldn't get his tail attack down.

    I say Chucky. Best of the Killers and decent perks that are very fun on other Killers.

  • ares_theos7
    ares_theos7 Member Posts: 20

    If you're looking for Fun? Demo and Chucky. For Perks and Gameplay? Chucky and Xeno.