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Epic Games vs Linux - the matter of Steam Deck compatibility

Vithar Member Posts: 27

Dead by Daylight became officially Steam Deck Verified game few months ago.

Although – the statement is only true in case of Steam version. EGS one got broken that time.

Are there any updates on the matter? Is the game still unplayable on that platform (despite EAC compatibility)?

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  • BoddyBoy
    BoddyBoy Member Posts: 4
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    I get "EAC client cannot be instantiated" with the Epic Games Launcher on Wine 9.1 (no workarounds).

    I get "could not locate game executable entry in the catalogue. (DeadByDaylight-EGS-Shipping.exe)" with the Heroic Launcher on proton-GE-latest (8.30) with PROTON_EAC_RUNTIME set to the Linux Native Steam client Proton EAC Runtime directory and EasyAntiCheat directory symlinked from the game base directory into the Binaries/EGS/ directory workarounds.

    The game version is 7.5.1 on the loading screen and DBD_Live_EGS_Shipping_264_1579866_7.5.2.3 on the Epic Games Launcher menu.

    My assumption is that the Steam proton EAC runtime is mismatched with the Epic Games version of the executable. Before the Steam Deck validation, it was the opposite (Epic Games version working with the Proton EAC runtime, Steam version failing).

    I think they either have to ship different versions of the EAC modules, one for Steam (=Proton) and one for EGS (=Wine), or if there can only be one EAC module, they have to update both Steam and EGS version to match it.



  • Vithar
    Vithar Member Posts: 27

    So, there is no possible solution from the community side (at least not any safe enough, that wouldn't lead to getting banned)?

    Kinda sad.