Loadout Doesn’t Save (PS5)

End_of_Slayer Member Posts: 144

I noticed some reports mentioning loadouts resetting when going into a custom lobby but I’m not sure if this is the same thing.

I play on PS5 and so does my friend. Ever since Alan’s release, my loadout just doesn’t save any updates to it. Ever since I got Alan’s adept achievement, the loadout doesn’t swap.

I had his three teachables equipped, swapped my four perks to Resilience, Hyperfocus, Stake Out and Deadline, played a game and got off to eat. When I came back on the game, my loadout was the exact same from when I did his adept. Boon: Illumination, Deadline and Champion of Light. I even equipped my usual build on the second preset but once again, when logging out and loading back in, my second preset was blank and my first preset was his teachables with an escape cake in the offering slot.

Then there’s today, when I logged on, I had to put my perks back to the usual build and bought the rift, putting the Darker Side outfit on the second preset for Alan. I couldn’t play any games because I had things to do, and when I came back to the game, the perks didn’t save in the preset and the preset for the Darker Side outfit didn’t save in my preset either. But my friend said he’s been able to save his loadouts and presets for outfits (he purchased the Alan Wake Classic and was rocking that skin) but he didn’t get the adept achievement yet, our last game we played he finally got it. So I’m wondering if getting the achievement causes the loadouts to bug out and you have to re-equip the perks and outfits.

TL;DR Ever since getting the adept achievement for Alan Wake, my loadouts and presets just aren’t saving for him and when leaving the game and logging back in, the game loads me in with what I had saved when I got Alan’s adept achievement

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  • Sylence187
    Sylence187 Member Posts: 1

    Same issue except I haven’t adapted Alan Wake, loadouts won’t save not 1, 2 or 3 slot every time I exit and load back into game resets everything.

  • BugReporterOnly
    BugReporterOnly Member Posts: 364

    Seems like it happens to people on all platforms. I'm on the Switch and it happens also.

  • solarjin1
    solarjin1 Member Posts: 1,802

    it horrible. nothing will save no matter how many times i do it

  • ShyPirate
    ShyPirate Member Posts: 369

    It is really getting annoying. Loadout and cosmetics reset every time the game is opened.

  • JanesWagon
    JanesWagon Member Posts: 9

    Same issue is happening on all platforms. Im on steam and its happening to me too

  • BubMickey07
    BubMickey07 Member Posts: 285

    Omg I just posted something about this!! I play on steam deck and it happens every time and it's so annoying!!

  • BugReporterOnly
    BugReporterOnly Member Posts: 364

    This happens on the Switch also.

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 2,421

    @Sylence187 @BugReporterOnly @solarjin1 @ShyPirate @JanesWagon @BubMickey07

    A partial workaround that seems to help in the meantime is set what you want, then modify something in the Options/Settings (I use the FOV setting under BETA).

    That seems to force an update to the servers (you see the red claw symbol appear), then you can then keep hitting back and quit the game back to the game startup splash and reload it again to confirm it's saved.