The archives need to be able to have multiple challenges active for survivor and killer


At this point there's a ton of tomes and challenges to do, with the lore locked inside them and if you're fairly new, or even just been playing less than a year you have a ton of challenges to catch up on. It'd really be worth it to be able to select a second and third challenge for killer and survivor to keep active. Even more so when events have a seperate set of challenges. Or even just keeping an extra difficult or long challenge active while you work on others, like some of the tome 1 challenges, such as sacrificeling 4 survivors in the basement in the same match


  • Harbinger1985
    Harbinger1985 Member Posts: 67

    I agree. Play since April and doing the active Tomes, but when I done or off time - between Tomes - I doing old ones, for the charm and for the lore and some challenge make you stuff which maybe comes handy. They should make old archive Tome you can progress in all at one level challenges. I mean Tome 1 first level, you can progress in any of it. But I also wonder technically it can be done?

    Or maybe simple challenges could be active whole time, like do X gens, heal survivors, cleans totems, etc.