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Will "Modifier"/Gamemodes Be Accessible In Custom Matches?

Iron_Cutlass Member Posts: 2,621

Let's say I have a bunch of friends who missed the one week window to play the Lights Out modifier.

If I were to boot up a Custom Match (formerly known as "Kill Your Friends"), would I be able to apply Lights Out to the match?

Furthermore, if it is not available, will it be a feature added in a future update?


  • glitchboi
    glitchboi Member Posts: 5,727

    I really hope so because custom games could use more customization. Besides, I don't think trashing months of work for a whole new gamemode just for it to only be available for 7 days and inaccessible after by any means would be efficient at all.

    I still feel like it should stay permanently. I get that they're afraid of 'splitting the playerbase/queue' but there are so many people playing DBD all at once on different platforms that I don't think it should be an issue anymore.