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Am I wrong?

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Hey there guys!

A long time I did not write anything in this forum but in the last couple days, where I played DBD there was plenty of really annoying situations. So I decide to ask in the forum or just post in forum such situations.

First of the situation here is the following.

I played with a mate who played as Feng Min and I myself as Leon. With us was a Dwight and another Leon. The Killer was the Oni.

So in the time of game where Dwight and I were already dead, just Feng Min, my mate here, and the other Leon was alive with second hookstate each. And it happend that the Leon player was smashed down. And here is where it start to became really disgusting. So not only let the killer the Leon player on the ground and try to find Feng what already is a bad playstyle. The Leon player now decided to not recover at all. So the Feng just run around and waited till he start recovering so she can pick him up as soon as he is recoverd. But still the Leon just do not recover a single second instead he just crouch everytime in the direction the Feng was so the Killer get a hint where Feng is. He does that constantly. And after that did not work, the killer decide to pick Leon up, let him escape and lead him to Feng. They did that two times. (There is also a chance that both know themselves and did play together the whole game, or at least it was planned that the Leon will be the last one live to escape right from the start of the match)

After I saw that I told the Feng player to just leave the match because they just do that instead of give her any fair chance to escape, since Leon and the Killer teamed up. (So just not take that as argument, cause be real guys, nobody would stay in a game where the other still living survivor team up with the Killer to get you and he be the last survivor who the killer than let escape through the hatch or gate)

So guys please. Do you think that is okay, and that I overreact in report both of them? Because their behaviour is just disgusting, egoistic and outright a toxic behaviour. Please let me know what you think.