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Am I being unintentionally rude by letting the killer hook me end game?

Solo Q survivor main here, and I am one of those rare types of survivors that genuinely doesn't like when a killer gets stomped. If we're at 1 gen left and the killer only has 1-2 hooks, I will sacrifice myself at end game after everyone has left. Meaning I will vault a window or get into a locker to make noise and then point to the hook and let them hook me, because I want the killer to get a kill and get some bloodpoints. Despite what many may believe not all of us survivor mains are jerks. I genuinely want people to have fun and I'm not going to take advantage of a killer that may be put into a lobby with much more experienced survivors or maybe they're just having a rough day and trying to unwind. I also always sacrifice myself if the killer throws the game, as in just farming or being silly because I want them to get something out of the experience.

That being said, usually when I do this the killers are either happy in the end game chat or they just don't say anything. Every now and then I get an upset end game message like "no pity kills" but today I recieved alot of BM from a killer who I did this for. They had 2 hooks and everyone had left. They were just standing there by the exit gates not moving so I went over and stood by the hook and nodded, waiting. They hit me once and of course I didn't move cause I wanted them to get a kill. But they downed me and shook their head and humped my body for awhile before eventually putting me on a hook and slapping me on it while shaking their head. I felt awful. My intention was to make the game a bit more fun for the killer to compensate for a rough match but they seemed angry, which was absolutely not my intention. It started having me wonder if this was upsetting for more people than I thought. So I ask, is this insulting or rude? I just want everyone to have fun and if doing this is actually offensive or upsetting for killer mains, I will stop.

Thank you for your time!


  • glitchboi
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    Not rude at all. It's the survivor equivalent of giving someone the hatch and I also do it occasionally if I respect how the killer played. That killer was just trying to dish out the pain, in... well, the strangest circumstance, but yeah.

  • TragicSolitude
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    I don't think it's insulting or rude. I don't think most killer mains would consider it rude, either. I think you got a weird one, there, and they're probably one of those people who take everything as an insult, which is on them and not you.

    Every once in a while I have survivors offer themselves up. Sometimes I take it, sometimes I don't. If I need a kill for a challenge, I take it and am thankful. If I don't need it, I'll probably only accept if they're going to die to the entity anyway because time is almost up. Otherwise, it seems silly to take 7k+ away from the survivor for escaping when it rewards me so little BP for getting the kill. It's a very uneven trade in terms of BP.

    That's my view. I understand that when a survivor offers themselves up it's usually a sign of appreciation for how the killer played (usually because the killer makes the game harder on themselves by not tunneling, or the killer simply stops at double hooking, and in turn it allows the survivors to have a more enjoyable match).