Any add-on ideas for good ol' Pyramid Head?

Been playing Executioner lately and he's a blast to play as! He might actually be my third main. He's a very relaxing killer to play as, but unfortunately his add-ons are horrible and some of the worst add-on sets in the game. But what do you think? Any ideas for potential add-ons that he could use, or ideas for buffs of his current add-ons? I'll start with my ideas:

Valtiel Sect Photograph

A photograph of two figures in red hoods.

Entitled Crimson and White Banquet for the Gods.

  • Decreases the cooldown time of a successful Punishment of the Damned Attack by -16 %.

(from 2.25 seconds to 1.89 seconds)

Forgotten Videotape

A videotape of two lovers vacationing in Silent Hill. Despite its sentimental value, it was left behind in the Lakeview Hotel.

  • Decreases the cooldown time of a successful Punishment of the Damned Attack by -8 %.

(from 2.25 seconds to 2.07 seconds)

(Both combined = 1.71 seconds)


  • Cheque0826
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    I think it's great that PH gets better accessories, like Ghostface who also has very few useful accessories. Iridescents definitely need a change as they give very little advantage, some options would be: knocking down someone with Torment causes the most advanced spawner to lose 10% progress (or something like that); Another could be that damaging someone who has Torment with M2 puts them on the ground. Other accessories could be mini versions of their base abilities, like kicking a generator will give you Undetectable for a while (not until the generator is repaired, like Path of Torment works).

  • glitchboi
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    There could be an add-on where hitting a tormented survivor with Punishment of the Damned explodes the most progressed generator in the trial, would be pretty cool.

    Add-ons of mini versions of their abilities has been done for Overheat Billy and Blight, and I personally like those concepts. Ghostface also has a mini I'm All Ears in the Address Book add-on. For mini Trail of Torment, after caging a survivor, the next generator you kick will make you go undetectable for 30 seconds. For a mini Deathbound, when a tormented survivor heals another survivor for 1 health state, they scream. For a mini Forced Penance, maybe make it so that both survivors striked in the same Punishment of the Damned are given the Broken status effect for 60 seconds.

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    A few weeks back I made my own addon pass but I won’t deny

    this is by far the most biased braindead addon pass I created and I only created it for fun

    And this is another form of design

    I actually finished those addon concepts but I’ll never show the descriptions publicly mostly cause they just look embarrassing to read

    oh and some of them were inspired by certain broken addons from certain killers (alch ring, reworked iri tag, and drivers license)

  • Zeidoktor
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    One thought I had was based on the failed plan to have Punishment of the Damned inflict Torment: Add-ons that allow Punishment to inflict Torment if the Survivor is afflicted with something else first. Ex: Punishment hits on Survivors afflicted with Oblivious inflict Torment as well. Or Blindness, or whatever. If that's still too strong, can have it be "indict Torment on Survivors hit with Punishment X seconds of being inflicted with a status effect"

    Alternatively, add-ons that inflict statuses with Punishment hits rather than while affected by Torment.

    One idea you could borrow from Artist's Oil Painted: Gain Killer Instinct detection on any Survivors within X feet of any Trails in the environment even if they are not standing on them directly.

  • jonifire
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    Delaying the appearance for his M2 would be strong as addon. It would make dodging it really difficult.

  • Depressedlegion
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    Increase movement speed while the sword is in the ground would be nice.

  • glitchboi
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    Honestly I like the ideas you've got going here, Pyramid Head's PotD attack breaking pallets would be really fun. I'm also glad that Crimson Book got revisited to now include Mangled. Tbh Videotape should be iridescent or purple because of how notable and important it is in Silent Hill 2.

    I'd love to see more of your add-on ideas, they've gotten more experimental with add-ons such as Legion's BFFs having a token-based system, and Ghostface having a gen regression add-on. I might actually try and make an Executioner add-on pass concept as well.

  • glitchboi
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    This one would be really interesting and fun to use, might be very similar to Nemesis's linger tech.

  • glitchboi
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    I think that'd be a good way to balance out Torment inflicting through PotD. Another idea is to make it so that if it hits from the last 8-10 metres of the ranged attack, Torment gets inflicted onto the survivor, rewarding long-range hits similarly to Slinger's Iridescent Coin.

  • glitchboi
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  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    Oh my god I’m actually glad someone understood my iri addons thing being notable to SH2 :D

    also I got more I could show you some of the addon concepts I created if you’re interested in seeing more of my ideas!

    also I would look forward to see your ideas as well :D

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    I’m not gonna show all of them cause I went to give them a relook a while back and I’ll probably rework those and show them but for now you can see those!

  • AssortedSorting
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    PotD applying Torment to Healthy Survivors. (Not Injured. So no Off-hook/Cage/Tunneling shots and gives you a choice of going for a Healthy PotD hit or to take an easy M1)

    PotD Breaking Pallets/Breakable Walls.

    Torment Trails Hinder for the duration of Killer Instinct.

    Survivors suffer from Deep Wounds when hit with PotD.

    Hooking a Tormented Survivor shows the Obsessions Aura for 6s.

  • glitchboi
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    I honestly like what you've got going here. Range add-ons need a buff IMO, I'd argue that Black Strap should also be base-kit. A bit of extra range would be nice.

    Obsidian Goblet technically already exists in the form of Valtiel Sect Photograph. Since it takes 20 seconds to recover, it would only take 2 seconds off of the recovery, so it would be worse than the current recovery add-ons. I use my M2 a lot so the recharge add-ons are pretty nice to use. I'd probably buff Valtiel Sect Photograph to reduce the recovery time by 7 seconds and get rid of the other recharge-based add-ons, or maybe merging the recharge add-ons with the duration add-ons.

    Mannequin Foot definitely needs a buff. IMO I feel like it should have another effect (along with the other trail duration add-ons) where you can see the auras of torment trails from longer aura ranges.

    I feel like Spearhead might be a bit too powerful since it would make Executioner a little too powerful in the zoning category, and if I'm correct the 10% haste would make him move at 120% while charging up his PotD (which is a tad too much IMO). The haste being reduced to 2.5% should be fine though. Another possible idea for Spearhead is to make it so that walking on your own trails (similar to iri obsidian goblet) gives you a 5% haste effect with a 3 second linger.

    I'm looking forward to more potential ideas that you might have, thanks for sharing!

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    I said that in thread before that all of his recharge addons so should put into one addon

    and also I did change a few things in valtiel sect addon when I made this whole addon pass in one day

    and yes maybe spearhead might need to be toned down abit

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    Ok so I decided to redo my addon pass concept cause there were some addons that were too op and some were pretty much useless so here’s what I’ve created so far (iris are gonna be the same btw)

  • Akumakaji
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    Iridescent Forgotten Video Tape: this tape oozes a disturbing aura and the air in the same room with it feels thick and cloing, like a wet blanket trying to suffocate a would-be-viewer. It shows footage of an Executioner of another time, a true master swordsman who could swing the giant cleaver effortlessly through the air and even ground.

    Effect: for 60s total The Executioner can use his punishment of the damned smooth and swift, like his predecessor from a place called PTB. Once the time is up, this add-on deactivates for the rest of the trial.