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I cannot use additional items and have tried all the solutions in the game within the past week


there is a bug which make me can’t give

bloodpoint to grow all my killers. That is a trouble for me that it said that i need complete one match to unlock the bloodnet. The interesting thing is my human can continue use the bloodnet, only lock my killers bloodnet. i have try a lot of ways to solve this bug but get nothing. i can't use my additives for killer,but it also show me that i have taken the additives i ever had taken. i even can't cancel it! i have completed almost eight match, but my bloodnet is locked all the time.i have try to Re-Download,to play the teaching part again,but it doesn't solve this problem, to complete the goal of books,but never unlock the the way,when I play the teaching part which i need to kill four also show me that i use the bone with my additives and skills which i have taken before this bug appear. i love this game,i really need help to solve this problem.